Quintin Rodriguez-Harrison, Front End Developer

Hello! My name is Quintin Rodriguez-Harrison, and I am a Front End Developer in addition to being an Indie Game Developer!

My main career for the last 10 years has revolved around banner ad design, production and programming on Flash and HTML. Having only seconds to capture a viewer's attention opens up so many creative options to explore. I enjoy creating stylish, sleek and informative ads that get the viewer's attention and perform well for the client.

I love to create, I am an avid artist and I have dreamt of creating video games since high school. My dream finally came to fruition when my company, Zapling Studios, released its first game, Justice Royale, to the App Store on May 30th, 2018. I learned how to program so that I could make video games. I have had to grow in several ways, from learning Actionscript 3 in college to learning Objective-C for iOS development. Currently I am learning C# for my gaming career. I thrive for new challenges and I make sure to learn new things continually.

I wear many hats when it comes to skillsets. My programming skillset includes HTML/CSS/Javascript/GSAP, Objective-C and C#. My game design skill set includes Unity, Cocos2d, Tiled, Spritebuilder, Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder and HandBrake. I am familiar with Subversion and Git version control systems. I am a hard worker and ready to lead on any project. I strive to deliver the best content possible in a timely manner.